Drug Discovery Training course – Frankfurt

A training course on “Drug discovery-bench to bedside” was held in Frankfurt on 21st and 22nd Sept 2017.

This course, which introduced participants to the field drug discovery, was a great success and the Q&A session with the speakers on careers in  drug discovery was definitely one of the highlights

2nd Inspired Secondment

NUI Galway researcher manager Dr Sandra Healy went on a 1-month secondment to Mannkind Corp in the USA in July 2017.  Sandra’s goal was to find out about Mannkinds plans for IRE1 inhibitor development and  assess potential opportunities for further collaborative work between Mannkind and the INSPIRED academic partners.

Ist Inspired Secondment

NUI Galway researcher Dr Kasia Mnich went on secondment to MetasysX in Germany. Kasia worked at MetasysX for 3 months and received training  in metabolomics methodologies and data analysis.

The Inspired website is up!!