Symposium on “ER stress in cancer and neurodegeneration”


On Wednesday 18th April at National University of Ireland, Galway

Speakers include

  • Claudio Hetz (University of Chile)
  • Eric Chevet (University of Rennes, France)
  • Michael McDermott (University of Leads)
  • Serge Manie (Centre for Cancer Research, Lyon, France)
  • Beatrice Bailly-Maitre (University of Nice, France)

Please see INSPIRED Symposium Programme
Registration is free and is required to attend the symposium. To register please email before 11th April

Congratulations to Eric Chevet on his paper in EMBO Molecular Medicine.

A big congratulations to Eric Chevet who in collaboration with INSPIRED partners Afshin Samali, Claudio Hetz, John Patterson and Aristotelis Chatziioannou published their research in EMBO Molecular Medicine. Well done – A great example of collaborative research in the INSPIRED network!

Alexis Rivas Ahumada from Chile is currently on secondment in Ireland

In October Alexis from Claudio Hetz’s lab in Chile arrived in Afshin Samali’s lab in Galway, Ireland. Alexis will work in Galway until April 2018 where  he will screen for compounds that can restore the proteostasis capacity of cells prone to aggregate misfolded proteins in cellular-based assays of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer´s Disease, Parkinson´s Disease, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis and Huntington´s Disease. He is using a high-throughput screening platform to assess the ability of different compound/extracts from natural sources to reduce the  number and size of toxic intracellular aggregates

Eoghan McGrath from Galway, Ireland goes on secondment to Chile

Eoghan traveled to  Chile in October where he will work in Claudio Hetz’s lab for 1 year. Eoghan will learn to work with in vivo models of cancer and the aim of the work is to further understanding of the interplay between UPR signalling and the growth of tumours within a microenvironment

Inspired Conference – Paris

INSERM partner Dr Eric Chevet organised an excellent conference on “Endoplasmic Reticulum Functions in Physiology and Pathology” in Paris on 2nd and 3rd Oct 2017.   Speakers included Peter Walter (UCSF) and Kazutoshi Mori (Kyoto University) who won the Lasker prize for their work on the Unfolded Protein Response. The role of IRE1 in cancer and neurodegenerative disesases was the focus of many of the talks. Overall it was an excellent meeting in a great location and a great success  – well done to Eric and the team from Aviesan for organizing such a great meeting with no registration fee enabling INSPIRED partners and young researchers to attend.