Workshop training program

Date Topic Lead Partner (venue)
21st-  22nd Sept 2017 IRE1 in health and disease, Drug design and mecinal chemistry

Drug Discovery program- INSPIRED - Frankfurt Sept 2017

NUIG (Frankfurt)


TBA Omics technologies, IRE1 targeting in cancer MSX & e-NIOS, INSERM & NUIG (Athens)
TBA IRE1’s known and emerging functions, Regulators of IRE1 function INSERM, e-NIOS & MSX (Rennes)
TBA Towards commercialisation and clinical trials targeting IRE1 MANN/NUIG (Dublin)


Symposium program

Date Topic Lead Partner (venue)
2nd - 3rd Oct 2017 IRE1/XBP1  in Neurodegeneration and Cancer

INSPIRED meeting program - Paris

INSERM (Paris)


18th April 2018 ER stress in Cancer and Neurodegeneration 

INSPIRED Symposium Programme

NUI Galway (Ireland)